Keeping it "Farm 2 Street"

Keeping it "Farm 2 Street"
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Brain Child Behind The G monkey Brand and Concept

By Ami Beach Shadle
So after 20 News interview and several TV appearances and being asked over and over again so WHY G MONKEY, What and who inspired GMONKEY? Who's Idea was G MONKEY?  I feel like its time to set the record straight.  G Monkey first and foremost was born out of LOVE, PASSION & KNOWING that my true destiny was to not only be married to one of the most amazing Vegetarian Chefs in the world, but to create something where both of our strong talents would shine.  As a holistic nutritionist and Raw Food Chef myself, I thought of how amazing it would be to have some type of business where we could highlight both of our skills and bring to the masses a new way of looking at health food and Vegetarian lifestyle.  Both Mark and I had joked over the years about reconverting an old microbus or camper and taking on the road.  Both of us, Hippies at heart had both been exposed to music festivals, Phish shows, Reggae festivals and Grateful Dead tours while we were growing up, so YES, that may have ignited the fire in both our souls to be on the OPEN ROAD, seeking adventure and living life to the fullest-  But beyond joking about buying a 1979 bus or Airstream and retrofitting it, it was more just a pipe dream and joke than something we were working towards. Fast forward a year or two and after making several trips out to the west coast, San Diego and LA, I  started to take notice of all the BUZZ around Foodtrucks.  Asian, Indian, mexican, name it, theres a food truck in LA for every single genre of food you can imagine.  But even with all the hundreds of food trucks I have visited,there was NONE that I wanted to eat at.  Nothing exclusively Vegan, none that were ecologically conscious or showing casing the RAW foods movement and from here the main seed was planted and the wheels in my head started turning and have never stopped.
  So in short, my beloved husband was the inspiration for me to go into the most creative and rewarding period of my career & life as he encouraged me to LIVE MY DREAM & MAKE IT INTO A REALITY.  GMONKEY is the single greatest Master piece I have yet to create and is by far the project that I am most proud of myself and have the most gratitude for.  I have created several other companies and business's that I am proud of and have achieved much recognition both nationally & internationally for however Gmonkey has a special place in my heart & soul because the PURE MISSION was to create something that would simply make people smile, make people feel good in their bodies, give people hope of a brighter and sustainable future. And most of all to have the love of my life on board with me in helping me fulfill my vision.
I will save all the details for the launch of the Official Gmonkey Site which is still under construction but wanted to at least put out there where the drive and passion for the birth of this incredible company came from.   I worked for a solid year on creating, branding the monkey vibe, mission, philosophy, intention and working all the details of creating a MOBILE FOOD TRUCK.   I put everything I had into this company, energetically, financially, emotionally and physically.  This was a first for both myself and Mark and the learning curve quite large.  I had no idea of just how expensive and how much red tape we needed to go through from everything from "how to retrofit an old truck" to what type of licensing & permits do you need".   When I tell you I could write an entire book on how to start a mobile food business, I mean it....and in fact is on my "List of things" to do  !!!

To say it was a "Labor of Love" is a big understatement and we crossed so many hurdles along the way the  faint hearted would have given up, but my G-Love burned way to deep......  So that being said there is much more Gmonkey Lore, stories and adventures coming when our new site launches so stay tuned......  The G MONKEY REVOLUTION has started and I can feel very big things are going to happen as a result.  We are the change!!    We are living the change and are so glad you decided to come along for the ride with us!!!!


Photo courtesy of Chion Wolf NPR

The true bliss of the gmonkey Farm2Street Black Bean Burger is an amazing combination of Chipotle, organic brown rice and spicy organic black beans with lots of hearty veggies. It is grilled to  perfection and then our organic SHADLE FARM toasted pumpkin seed & basil pesto and red rooster Nano is slathered on our organic homemade whole grain roll and topped off with lettuce & fresh tomato.
Add a side our our homemade smoked hickory ketchup and a side of G fries and finish it off with a vegan chocolate cookie and an organic lemongrass suntea......and you are pretty much in heaven and feel so energized that you will probably be back tomorrow.  G -LOVE REVOLUTION IS GOING STRONG, thanks for all your enthusiasm and support it keep us going!!!