Keeping it "Farm 2 Street"

Keeping it "Farm 2 Street"
Direct from Shadle Farm 2 you

Friday, May 6, 2011

The G Monks were ready and waiting for us at BILLINGS FORGE, Every Thursday 11-2:30

Our first Hartford Public Appearance was a huge success as we were ambushed by the lunch crowd and visitors to the Launch of Billings Forger Farmers Market on Broad Street in Hartford. We had the pleasure of seeing our friend of healthy, clean eating, Author of "CLEAN FOOD" Terry Walters and NPR's Colin Mcenroe who gave Gmonkey an impromptu interview. Ami Beach Shadle gave a fun and informational synopsis of the Gmonkey mission and food Revolution and expressed the importance of taking it from FARM2STEET, exposing people of all ages, social and backgrounds to quality, fresh & organic vegetarian food.  This is truly the beginning of something big, can you feel it??  Be a part of it & support the Gmonkey vision of a bright and sustainable future!!!!
Photos curtosity of Chion Wolf from NPR

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